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SO, WHO THE &#%!*



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I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, a curious kid from the projects who refused to become a statistic after art saved my life (literally). When I was seven, I started sketching comic book and graffiti characters. In my teens, I turned to street art where I made a name for myself with the tag 'CYPHA'. As I got older, I explored more mediums such as painting, design, music production, photography, video production and tattooing. I regularly use these mediums in my work whether it is within the creative industry or on my own personal projects. My imagination is non-stop; it is what drives me to constantly learn and evolve. I started in the commercial creative industry over 15 years ago as a graphic designer, then art director at FRED FARID and OGILVY and now creative director at Manifest Group.

Throughout my professional career, I've always strived to consistently think outside the box, shake things up and challenge the status-quo resulting in numerous awards for some of the projects I've worked on. Since my street art days, CYPHA has stuck and it is now my artistic identity that has taken me from the streets and galleries of New York to working with some of the biggest brands in the world.


In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, I moved to Melbourne to start Manifest Group's first agency in the Southern Hemisphere where I've been able to apply my creative talent and passion for purpose driven work to new challenges. For me creativity never stops. It is not just my work, it's my life.



Here are some brands i've done work with

NASA logo 4.jpg
TT .png
KAIJU .png
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 7.36_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 7.46.13 pm.png



EpicaAwards7 copy_edited.png
AwardAwards copy_edited.png

4 D&AD Awards

For Art Direction/Design and Creative Direction

(Digital Advertising)


2 - Yellow  1- Graphite  1 - Black 




2 CLIO Awards

For Brand Design (Digital Advertising)




1 EPICA Award 

For Crafting and Imagery

AWARD Awards
JUDGE - Life Changing Jury 

For Creative Excellence APAC Region

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